About me (english)

Grégory MAUBON has been an independent consultant in augmented reality (presenter and speaker) since 2008, when he created www.augmented-reality.fr and founded RA’pro (the French-speaking association for the promotion of augmented reality) in 2010. He has helped numerous companies (in various fields) to precisely define their needs in augmented reality and has accompanied them in the implementation.

His experience of over 25 years in the digital field has led him to work in IT and commercial services in various domains (biotechnology, health, business consulting, digital marketing, etc.) Always attentive to the client, in a spirit of service and solutions, this dual career allows him to be the interlocutor of all components of the company. He provides pragmatic solutions, in line with the revealed needs and always consistent with the existing information system and digital communication.

A long-time computer enthusiast, he earned a doctorate in the field of physics and astrophysics. During this period, he acquired technical skills in computing and the ability to manage a project in its entirety. He is also passionate about people and uses, he has learned to manage teams of all sizes, directly or indirectly, to bring out the best in them.

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