About me (english)

With a solid experience of over 25 years in digital technology, I specialize in supporting companies in innovation and the evolution of digital practices, with a particular focus on augmented reality. As the founder of the reference website www.augmented-reality.fr and the association RA’pro, I am a recognized figure in the promotion and implementation of augmented reality in the Francophone world.

Key Experiences

Augmented Reality Pioneer: I launched the Francophone media www.augmented-reality.fr in 2008 and co-founded RA’pro (the Francophone association for the promotion of augmented reality) in 2010, mobilizing a significant community around augmented reality. My initiatives have significantly contributed to the democratization of this technology in the Francophone world.

Strategic Consultant: I have had the privilege of assisting numerous companies, from biotechnology to digital marketing, including industry and press, in defining and implementing their augmented reality projects. My « custom-made » approach adapts to the unique needs of each company, integrating augmented reality in a way that is coherent with their information system. My strength is to think « long term » while remaining operational. My clients can thus transform their desire to implement augmented reality experiences into a real investment.

Skills and Achievements

Deep Technical Expertise: Holding a PhD in physics and astrophysics, I have developed a solid foundation in computer science and a particular skill in managing complex projects. This expertise allows me to deeply understand technical challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Team Leadership: My passion for mentoring and team development has enabled me to lead groups of all sizes, fostering an environment conducive to excellence. My commitment to positive leadership is reflected in successfully delivered projects and motivated teams.

My Working Method

My path is guided by a careful listening to client needs, a constant search for pragmatic solutions, and a desire to always stay at the cutting edge of necessary innovation. For me, augmented reality is more than just a technology; it’s a way to evolve human-data interactions for the benefit of everyone, enriching our understanding of the world.

I am fully committed to helping companies navigate the sometimes complex digital landscape, turning challenges into opportunities through a well-thought-out and well-executed strategy.

Invitation to Collaborate

I am always looking for new collaborations and challenges. If you are interested in exploring the potential of augmented reality for your company, do not hesitate to contact me via www.maubon.info. Together, let’s explore how augmented reality can enrich your business and engage your customers in revolutionary ways!

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