Immersive technologies in healtcare

This observatory is linked to my mission in HCS Pharma and is builded in English even if news are in several languages (mainly English and French).

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  • Regardless of the specific type of AI, these tools are generally capable of making a massive, complex industry run more efficiently. But several studies show it can also propagate racial biases, leading to misdiagnosis of medical conditions among people of colour, insufficient treatment of pain, under-prescription of life-affirming medications, and more. Source: Research: Artificial intelligence […]
  • The convergence of technologies  – such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) – is reshaping human experiences in new and innovative ways. Over the coming years, these new experiences will transform health delivery, from operating clinical trials to coordinating patient experiences and creating new ways to serve the patient. Source: Metaverse and […]
  • Solutions such as smart homes, augmented and virtual reality, and wearables can help providers deliver care to a growing population of older adults. Source: The Future of Senior Care Technology | HealthTech Magazine The post The Future of Senior Care Technology appeared first on Immersive Technology in Healthcare.
  • Researchers working out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland recently conducted a study detailing how VR could be a more effective tool for surgical training compared to conventional reading and video methods as well as a practical alternative to physical simulation. Source: VR Surgery Training Might Be More Effective Than We […]
  • A new partnership involving Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) and the University’s Faculty of Education, brings medical training using ‘mixed reality’ technology one step closer. The project aims to make consistent, high-level and relevant clinical training more accessible across the world. Source: ‘Hologram patients’ developed to help train doctors and nurses | University of Cambridge The […]
  • The paper proposes the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in a rehabilitative clinical setting with the purpose of supporting the therapist during the clinical observation by providing real-time augmentations using an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display. Developed in the context of project AUSILIA (Assisted Unit for Simulating Independent Living Activities), the solution has the objective to […]
  • A trip to the hospital can be an intimidating experience for adult patients in need of care, let alone children. It’s for this exact reason that PixelMax, an immersive communication platform, created a “hospital metaverse” designed to comfort younger patients prior to their visits. Source: Hospital Metaverse: Building A Children’s Health Center In VR – […]
  • A voice-enabled augmented reality headset aided a successful shoulder surgery at Scripps Clinic in California, a first in the region. The three-dimensional holographic view of the surgical plan projected on the patient and adjusted by voice commands improves the surgeon’s precision and the result of the surgery and could become a common element in all […]
  • Building on the skills of its interdisciplinary, Zurich-based team specialised in medical augmented reality (AR) software development, and its collaborations with international medical staff and the medical technology (medtech) industry, Incremed produces technological products that are based on real clinical needs. Source: Incremed is putting the AR in healthcare The post Incremed is putting the […]
  • These results indicate that the VR environments can provide an effective means of trainings for managing anger. Therefore, further research on the effectiveness of the VR-based anger control training program is worthy conducting in individuals who express excessive aggression. Source: The Applicability of Virtual Reality-Based Training for Controlling Anger in Aggressive Individuals | Cyberpsychology, Behavior, […]

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