The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — January 2022

It is a pleasure to start 2022 with a so many interesting news in the augmented reality sector, and not entirely dedicated to the Metaverse! Of course, this concept is still generating a lot of discussion, but as you will see below, the discussions are moving towards concrete issues such as governance, data security or […]

The Augmented Reality (almost) mounthly — December 2021

Here is the last review of the AR news for 2021. As usual comments and several articles are in French, others in English but you should understand easily. As you can see in the first part of this review, “Metaverse” and “web3” will be in every hype conversations about immersive technologies for several mounths. I’m […]

The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly —November 2021

The last review of the news about augmented reality is a bit old! I propose to bring us back up to date by structuring things and by trying to group the news around several themes that you can discover in the following. These themes may change slightly depending on the news. This month in particular, […]

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