The Augmented Reality (almost) weekly — Special Hololens 2 — March 7, 2019

Grégory MAUBON

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Were you on March or Jupiter last week? No, then you should know that Microsoft presented Hololens 2 at MWC in Barcelona. I don’t want to make another article about specificities of Hololens 2, you will find a good list below and if you read french I have already done it on this link

I just want to highlight that the hardware (the Hololens glasses) is just a part of the iceberg. Microsoft is building a complete ecosystem for augmented reality (and not only in industries). Many things have been presented in Barcelona, like “Dynamics 365 solutions for HoloLens 2”, partnership to custom the tool, partnership to make AR apps, “Microsoft’s Spatial Anchor” and a kind of dedicated part of Azure for AR, etc. Don’t forget that we are talking about the benefices of AR cloud today … and in the same time, Microsoft do it 🙂 Some people think Apple and Magic Leap will change the AR landscape but I’m not so confident in they capacity to understand the whole scope. We will see 🙂


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