The Augmented Reality (almost) weekly — May 28, 2019

Grégory MAUBON

Google Glass

Yes, I know, I could call this review “AR monthly” 🙂 But to be honest, as AR is now a hype term, we can see many articles without anything new in the press … so, as usual, we have to take our time and focus on what seems interesting (at least for me …)

First of all, don’t forget AWE2019 is about to begin in Santa Clara and you must not miss it! Look specifically at the “2019 State of The AR Cloud Symposium” of the Open AR Cloud. You can believe me : the future of AR uses will be here!

And in the news? It’s interesting to see many hardware announcements from Google, Lenovo, North, etc. No, the hardware landscape is not limited to Hololens V2, even if it will be complicated now to other companies to show such a ecosystem! Find also below examples of AR uses and especially the great review of social media AR. Of course, it’s not useless to think of deeper subjects (look at the end of this list).

Hardware and companies

Software and uses

Deeper … in AR


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