The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — August, 2019

Grégory MAUBON


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This summer edition is really calm, even if we can see interesting announcements for hardware and very interesting user tests of Rokid AR glasses and Magic Leap One. Of course, you will find an article what-is-possible-to-come-from-Apple-even-if-we-don’t-know-anything about possible functionalities of a future AR/VR helmet.

On the software side, I can wait to test Minecraft AR from Microsoft, There are such possibilities with a building game! Look also at L’Oréal strategy on WeChat (after AR integration in Amazon last month), it’s a clear indication that AR is now mandatory in the beauty domain (in Europe, in USA and in China).

Last point to check : the Digi-capital explanation of AR/VR investments for 2019 Q1. How do you read it? Maturity? 🙂

PS : Are you interested by a summary (similar to this one) about immersive technologies in Healthcare?


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