The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — May, 4 2020

source : CREAL SA

This AR review is one month late. I’m sorry for this delay but as for many of you, last month was a bit surprising as it was my first pandemic time. It was also very busy with the organization of a part of the Laval Virtual World (a virtual event with more than 11000 people). Fortunately, the AR world was always active and we have seen many interesting news.

Firstly, the actual crisis didn’t stop completely acquisitions and fundraising. Even if the signal send to investors by the complicated life of Magic Leap is not good, the economic uncertainty could accelerate companies concentration in the next 6 months. One more sign of AR maturity? Why not.

As you can see below, there are many new tools and uses. The sector is then very active and, even I don’t really believe that AR will be THE solution to the social distancing, it will a part it. It’s why you should read carefully articles on how to make WebXR 🙂 And of course, if AR uses are raising, we should think now of how to build applications “ethical by design”. Otherwise, the future could be very difficult to live, where reality you will see … will not be real!

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