The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — July, 9 2020

We all live a very strange time where spatial distancing is going to be the “New Normal” in our life, both personal and processionnal. Strangely, the augmented reality news were not so numerous last month. I expected much more deployment in retail, for exemple, to go behind the lack of contact between brands and customers. Of course we have seen more usages of social media and an increase of “AR filters” on this tools. But the “virtual try-on” or “virtual coachs” (with AR or VR) remain scarces.

In industries, is quite different. Remote assistance tools are more and more accessibles and we have seen since 2 years a real increase of uses. The next step is probably to add AR functions in “classical” remote collaboration tools like Teams or Slack. It will a good way to blur (again) the frontier between work space and the rest of the world. You know, the place where you live and work 🙂 Next months will show us if this will be really the “New Normal”

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