The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — Summer 2020 edition!

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Find here all relevant AR news of the last summer. As you can see, the world lockdown has favored new uses of AR, especially in very impacted fields like tourism or entertainment. Singers and performers have started to test but it is not the time for a “concert in the kitchen”, mainly because the monetization of such a thing is not easy J On the industrial side, no revolution but a confirmation that remote assistance is the right use to deploy now. The acquisition of Ubimax by TeamViewer should convince you (if needed).

We have also seen a lot of announces for AR glasses projects or development. The market is clearly not closed and if Microsoft is indisputably forward, it won’t be the only player of this game. We have “historical” players like Vuzix, new one like Rokid or Lynx and unexpected one like Spartian or Jio. Even Google blurred the landscape after the North acquisition ! The good question now is the link between hardware and software and the creation of the future AR/VR ecosystem(s).

A last thing, we have seen since this summer a lot of news about the 5G deployment, in connection with augmented reality. It’s not clear if the 5G providers really understand the AR potential or just use it as a trojan horse to convince governments and people 🙂 As you know 5G licenses are expansive and the “AR billions” are only in consultants reports …

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