The Augmented Reality (almost) weekly — April 2, 2019

Grégory MAUBON

source : Fologram Talks: Holographic Brickwork

Sorry to be late! March was very busy for me after Microsoft presentations at MWC and a amazing edition of Laval Virtual 2019. What was interesting last month in the AR news? Many things for sure, and you can find useful links below.

First of all, I have seen some news and reflexions about law and AR. It’s not really new but, for me, it’s a clear signal of the increasing presence of AR in our lives, professional or personal. Like questions about “good” uses of AR (and VR), it could be the real moment for adoption of these technologies. You could also find below clever studies about impacts of AR/VR in some domains like advertising or retail, and two stories about Meta and Magic Leap.

As you will see, money is always present in our sector and we have seen more and more content creation agencies rising funds (ok, it may be normal in US, but the trend is new in Europe). On the “uses side” we saw more and more “on the field” practices, like the “Holographic Brickwork” because yes, you need AR to help you to build a very complex bricks wall!

See you soon!

Stories of companies 🙂

Funds raising and acquisitions

Hardware and Software


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