The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — December, 16 2019

November was rich for the AR world with many annonces. It is a surprise for me but a new wave of glasses seems to come in the next few months. I don’t mention Apple device, no one can known what will go on with this brand. We just can anticipate that their glasses will be expensive and it will be a “world premiere” even if others companies made it since 10 years 🙂 Lenovo and ThirdEye have announced new models for soon : a good sign for the market.

Maybe you have also seen new articles about Magic Leap : they raise money, they lack money, they sell many glasses, they sell few glasses, they focus on public market, they focus on pro market, etc. Do you remember the TV series “Dallas”? Is the CEO of Magic Leap J.R. or Bobby 😉

In the news, you can also find very interesting article about test of “photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis”, a first step towards AR contact lenses, and another about watermarking of 3D model, maybe a solution for the sharing of such models in industries. If you read french, look at this article about virtual clothes, it could be the next news market in AR => La mode virtuelle, une tendance business (et écolo) à suivre.

See you next year (yes it’s a poor joke) to take a time and to look back AR news in 2019!


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