The (uncomplete) Immersive Technology in Healthcare digest — November 2021

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In this November we saw several new FDA approvals for tools using VR. It is not a coincidence, many studies are published to confirm benefits of the technology in pain or stress reduction. We saw also new devices dedicated to surgery training or surgery assistance with, for example, the Knee+ system from Pixee Medical. I advise you to read (below) a very interesting interview of Paul Haimes (PTC) about the practical implementation of augmented reality in Biotech companies. He gets back on successful deployments in the previous year.

The Patients

VR treatment for chronic pain gets FDA authorization November 28, 2021

The Food and Drug Administration authorized a virtual reality system as a prescription treatment for chronic back pain, the agency announced today. The therapy, called … Read more

How virtual reality can be used to treat anxiety and PTSD November 26, 2021

Published by open access digital health research publisher JMIR Publications, the study looked into virtual reality exposure therapy, or VRET. This particular form of therapy … Read more

Fresenius Medical Care uses virtual reality technology to train patients for home dialysis November 24, 2021

In peritoneal dialysis, which is used by about 11 percent of the approximately 3.7 million dialysis patients worldwide, the lining of the patient’s abdominal cavity … Read more

Virtual reality collaboration is transforming Veterans’ health care November 23, 2021

On August 17, 2021, the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) and Wellovate announced the launch of a groundbreaking initiative using Wellovate’s Waya Health … Read more

Playing a virtual reality game during medical procedures can reduce pain and anxiety in children November 20, 2021

Jeffrey Gold, PhD, a professor of clinical anesthesiology, pediatrics, psychiatry & behavioral sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and an investigator at … Read more

The Medical Staff

How can virtual reality improve education and training? November 25, 2021

Results in the study show that VR training is, on average, more effective than traditional training, developing students’ technical, practical, and socio-emotional skills. Results are … Read more

How VR Technology Can Be of Help to Surgeons November 24, 2021

The healthcare industry requires constant development and innovation. One of the notable cases at the intersection of medicine and IT is the use of software … Read more

FDA OKs Virtual-Reality Device to Correct Vision Disorder in Kids November 23, 2021

The FDA approved the digital therapeutic device Luminopia One for pediatric amblyopia, or lazy eye.The device is approved for children ages 4 to 7 years … Read more

Surgeons cautiously embrace medical metaverse November 21, 2021

At the Future Surgery Show in London, it was clear that surgeons were cautiously embracing a medical metaverse to improve collaboration and medical outcomes. In … Read more

Activ Surgical raises $45M to develop software suite November 19, 2021

Activ Surgical, a Boston-based software developer for robotic surgery, raised $45 million in Series B funding. The funding will support the commercial availability of its … Read more

The Healthcare Industries and Hospitals

AppliedVR scores $36M for virtual reality pain management November 27, 2021

AppliedVR, developer of virtual reality therapeutics, has scooped up $36 million in Series B funding months after it closed a Series A round. The Series … Read more

FDA clears augmented reality smartglasses for guiding knee replacement surgeries November 22, 2021

Built into a pair of glasses, the newly FDA-cleared Knee+ system uses a camera to help judge the alignment of instruments and the knee joint itself … Read more

Are Biotech Startups Ready for Augmented Reality? November 20, 2021

Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly being used to maintain and optimize biomanufacturing processes, which can bring economic benefits for biotech and pharma companies long term. … Read more

La start-up libanaise, Proximie, lève 38 millions de dollars November 19, 2021

Proximie, une startup spécialisée dans la numérisation de la chirurgie fondée par Nadine Hachach Haram, une Libanaise chirurgienne de formation, vient de lever 38 millions … Read more

Research and meeting

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Cardiac Surgery — PubMed November 22, 2021

Virtual and augmented reality can be defined as a threedimensional real-world simulation allowing the user to directly interact with it. Throughout the years, virtual reality … Read more

See How Virtual Reality Is Helping Scientists Collaborate On Drug Design And Discovery November 21, 2021

“Technology has constantly fueled new insights, discoveries and innovations,” said Steve McCloskey, CEO, Nanome, “After the invention of the microscope we were able to see … Read more

Is the use of augmented reality-assisted surgery beneficial in urological education? A systematic review November 19, 2021

Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display that has been used in multiple medical and surgical settings to enhance delivery of education and training. This … Read more

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