The Augmented Reality (almost) monthly — January, 3 2020

A week before the famous CES in Las Vegas, the news are calm in the AR world. We just notice increase of AR uses in beauty sector (again) through social network and not apps. We see with the new ‘Jumanji’ experience that webAR is more and more adapted to communication actions.

We have also a very interesting articles from Michael Abrash about the Facebook vision of AR development in the years 10 years. After this reading (and the other about AR OS research) you will understand better the “closed ecosystem” vision that drive all majors players in the AR field today.

But I know that CES is close and you are looking at these bright lights 🙂 So, find below some things potentialy interesting to prepare your travel. If you want a more focused search on AR + CES, I publish a watch on my website (don’t be afraid by the french text!)


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